LOVE New York
32 West 28th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

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About Us

September 2003 LOVE began in New York City at the School of the Future with 6 students.

In September 2006, LOVE New York opened its first dedicated youth center where leaders are trained and LOVE youth can meet in a safe environment- one that many of them call a “space where I can always be me.”

In 2009 LOVE was generously funded by The Nicole Schiffman Foundation to create a media and program center called the Nicole Schiffman Center for LOVE youth. Located in midtown Manhattan near Penn Station, it is accessible to youth from many boroughs from the Bronx to Brooklyn to Queens. The Schiffman family experienced a tragedy as the hands of youth violence and have taken on the mission to help end the cycle of youth violence. To read about their story please visit:

Photo above by LOVE youth leader, Omo


CEO: Sheldon Hirshon


Program Director: Erica Reade

Program Coordinator: Caryn Michelle Moore


New York Board members

Barbara Goldstein,
LOVE U.S. Chairman Emeritus


Richard Kirshenbaum
Toni Schulman


Sheldon Hirshon Esq. CEO
Claudia Glenn Barasch Co-President
Linda Rudberg Thibodeau Co-President
Romi Swidler-Howard EVP
Lynette Ashby
Karen Bigman
Jane Brody
Marienne Hill-Treadway
Craig Loewenstern
Mitch Reiter
Joe Townsend
Steve Thibodeau
Michael Vasami


Artists in LOVE

Carlton DeWoody
Henry Joost
Erin Falls
Ariel Schulman
Yaniv Schulman
Mickey Sumner

LOVE is a 501C3 Public Charity
TAX ID 72-1542113
501C3 Number F021118000312

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